The Legend of the Doctor’s Note

Vacuna en tiempos de crisisVacuna en tiempos de crisis

Most people have no problem with attending work or school regularly as scheduled but occasionally there are times when an absence is necessary. Most employers allow their employees to miss a certain amount of days before they land in hot water while others have a strict, no absence policy. Regardless of the type of employer (or school) a person may have it is always good to have access to a legitimate looking fake doctors note, just in case.

A doctors note template can be used by doctors to show as evidence that a patient was seen within the office. The note will usually also include the days required off along with any other restrictions that may apply once the patient returns to work or school. If a person is feeling sick or becomes injured and requires a doctor’s visit then they will have no problem getting a note for their employer or school. If, however, a person doesn’t need to see a doctor but still needs a note, they need to know where to turn.

MacIver Institute
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A quick search online for doctors notes will yield plenty of results, some sites offer free notes while others request payment. Most people will automatically assume the best option is to choose a free site, they see no need in paying for something that is offered to them for free. What they do not realize though is that many employers and school systems are catching onto people printing off fake doctors notes. They know how easy it is to get a doctor’s note so they are no longer falling for the ones that come from “freebie” sites.


Paying for a doctor’s note may not seem like a smart idea, especially when there are hundreds of free ones to be printed. When a person pays for a doctors note however, they can do so with confidence in knowing that they are receiving the best possible note available online. The only way to get a better quality, more realistic note would be to go to the actual doctor. Use a fake doctor’s note to skip work.

People need to remember the next time they’re told to bring in a note to take all the options into consideration. A worker or student doesn’t have to visit the doctor in order to receive an excuse, with a simple internet search a person can find the perfect excuse for their situation.